Concrete on the Susanne Schjerning Center

We are finally really to start on the floor at the new Susanne Schjerning center. If you don’t know who Susanne Schjerning is, let me freshen up your memory. It’s the danish designer lady whos motto are “let the nature inside your home”, she has designed everything from candleholders to sengetøj (bedsheets) and many other things which are hugely popular in Danmark such as the Medusa Copenhagen series by Rikki Tikki, and we have the honor of helping construct the concrete floor on the new Susanne Schjerning Center.

Floors like this one normally require a little thought — and quite a lot of pre-planning before you start on the job. The think that you have to consider, is what type of floor do you want in the building. Basicaly it comes down to the three most popular choices: solid concrete which are normally used on the ground floors, precast suspended concrete which is a good choice for the other floors or a plain old timber floor, which is always suspended with joists set into wall. But let’s take a closer look at those 3 options.

Susanne Schjerning  Sengetøj  with design tilbud. Why use the schjerning model for concrete floors
Option 1 – Solid Concrete example:
1. The Concrete block 2. The Outside wall 3. Th Hardcore infill part 4. A full damp protection membrane 5. Sand or dirt blinding 6. Solid 100 mm concrete

Medusa Copenhagen - trendy design from rikki tikki webshop -
Option 2 – Suspended Concrete example:
1. A concrete block 2. The Outside walls 3. The inner walls 4. A sleeper wall 5. Solid Concrete beams

Rikki Tikki Webshop - products like Medusa Copenhagen, Susanne Schjerning  Sengetøj and Trip Trap Nisser Tilbud - See the entire selection at their own webshop.
Option 3 – Suspended timber example:
1. A full Metal joist hanger 2. The Herringbone strut 3. The Outside walls 4. The inner walls; 5. A concrete oversite 6. The Wooden joists

In the case of the Susanne Schjerning center we decided to go with option 1 – a solid concrete floor for the ground floor and a suspended timber solution for the upper floors. We will be starting on the project here next week and will take a few pictures to post here on the site, so you can follow the progress and at the end, see the finished result. It will be quite a sight as we are planning on using a new concrete densifier for this project, one where we have been experimenting quite a bit with different colors and styles in order to come up with something truely unique and interesting. I am really looking forward to this task and are sure that the Susanne Schjerning center will be a place people are going to visit and say – that is truely a beautiful floor. - Medusa Julepynt tilbud